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Our Story

Doris and Caihui founded Home With Art to create an environment where aspiring artists can have the opportunity to showcase their talent and share their stories with a community that is supportive, collaborative and inclusive. They also aim to promote mindful art experiences and bring people home to their body, mind, and heart through the power of visual art.

Home With Art is also committed to fostering cross-cultural and transborder collaborations to bring diverse perspectives to our community.

Meet the Team

Home with Art

Caihui Lim

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Caihui founded Heart In Hand Atelier in 2019 to provide a creative outlet for everyone regardless of art background. She has collaborated with art studios and local organisations, participated in public art demonstrations and community events to spread the joy of pastel art, and exhibited her art locally and in Japan. She is Singapore's first Flower of Crystal Art Academy (Japan) Premium Partner School (2021) and a certified Advanced Pastel Nagomi Art Instructor from Japan Pastel Hope Art Association (JHPAA).


Caihui is an artist who believes that art is a powerful tool for self-expression, compassion, and connection to the world around us. In 2022, Caihui was part of the art team curated by Ms Kawagoe, founder of Art Team HANATABA (Japan), to join the “21 Century Borderless Art Exhibition: KIRABOSHI” held at the prestigious National Art Centre, Tokyo (Roppongi) as the only Singaporean visual artist among the more than 750 participating artists.


Caihui also assists Japanese pastel art instructors in translating their lesson materials from Japanese to English and conducts English lessons for those who wish to teach pastel art in English. She is effectively trilingual in English, Chinese, and Japanese, and has taught students from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan.

Doris Yu

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Doris is a computer science graduate who, despite having never considered painting as a hobby or career, discovered a newfound love and passion for art after stumbling upon Pastel Nagomi art. Inspired by its therapeutic benefits and beauty, Doris decided to pursue itfurther, eventually starting Finger Hope in 2019, a company that specialises in teaching this art form. Doris is a dedicated art teacher and entrepreneur who is passionate about using her skills and knowledge to make a positive impact on the world.

Over the years, she has had the privilege of working with a diverse range of clients, such as Singapore Prison, Thye Hua Kwan, St Luke's Elder Care Bishan, St Andrew Nursing Home (Queenstown), HCA Oasis@Outram Day Hospice, PEACE-Connect Senior Activity Centre, People's Association, Mindef, Children's Wishing Well, Caelum Junior (Downtown East), and Sing See Soon Floral & Landscape.


Doris was also a board member of the Family Enrichment Society and has experience in organizing conferences, family events, and fundraising events. This additional information highlights her versatility and leadership skills.


Through her work at Finger Hope, Doris hopes to inspire others to embrace their creativity, find joy in art, and improve their overall well-being.

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