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Swati Kollipara | Home With Art


Swati Kollipara, has over 10+ years of experience in resin art. She founded Krisolcrafts which specialises in unique, custom and handmade resin art. A self-taught artist, Swati began her career in Canada and continued expanding into custom art after moving to Singapore. She has participated in many workshops in addition to training different age groups to acquire knowledge and also making themselves. Swati gained extensive knowledge of using various resin mediums on different surfaces and offers affordable art classes for individuals who are interested in pursuing this field. As a professional instructor, she is well-versed in all types of techniques and materials used in completing resin art products, including combining resin with other mediums such as acrylic, crushed glass, texture paste, and real crystals.The products are made using high-quality resin and other materials.

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