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SPIRaloof series of artworks was inspired by my obsession for spiral staircases with the adorable presence of kittens in most of my artwork series. That’s how this series was aptly titled SPIRaloof.

‘Of Syed Alwi Road’, one of the artworks in the series, was TLC-ly hand assembled into a fun-ctional oversized box pouch. The fun-ctional box pouch was intentionally aged to exude that vintage look and feel aesthetic in-line with the spiral staircase in its weathered state.

In essence, through this SPIRaloof box pouch artwork I attempt to redefine functional art in my own visual narrative fun.

Of Syed Alwi Road

SKU: AHWA20230043
  • Ink on Shuxuanzhi

    19cm x 11.5cm (w/o frame)

    38cm x 24cm (with frame)


    Dimensions provided are approximate (≈) and the final product dimensions may exhibit a tolerance +/- 2-5% variance, and is by no means considered a defect.

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