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"Morning Serenity" captures the tranquillity of a new day. In this peaceful scene, a girl lies in her cozy bedroom, sound asleep as the sun gently rises outside. Her room is filled with her favourite ornaments, bringing a touch of joy and comfort to her surroundings. As the soft morning light filters through the window, it casts a warm glow over the room, creating a magical atmosphere. This artwork invites us to appreciate the calmness of early mornings, where dreams and possibilities abound, inspiring us to embrace each day with a sense of wonder and delight.

Morning Serenity

SKU: AHWA20230073
  • Mixed Media on Paper

    42cm x 29.7cm (w/o frame)

    50cm x 40cm (with frame)


    Dimensions provided are approximate (≈) and the final product dimensions may exhibit a tolerance +/- 2-5% variance, and is by no means considered a defect.

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