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This artwork is inspired by Kintsugi. The golden lines that delineate countries signify the healing of humanity’s home, the world, from the various ideologies that separate mankind, while honouring the boundaries formed throughout history in a beautiful way. 

Red clay is used for the land areas to symbolise that we are all made from the same clay. As the viewer gets closer to the artwork, their reflection becomes clearer, signifying that we can see our own humanity reflected in others, no matter which part of the world they are from, when we make the effort to come closer in understanding.

The Kintsugi World Map is based on the Peters Projection Map which shows countries in their true proportion to one another.

Kintsugi World Map

SKU: AHWA20230015
  • 24 Karat Gold Leaf and Red Clay on Board

    47cm x 73cm (w/o frame)

     51cm x 77cm (with frame)


    Dimensions provided are approximate (≈) and the final product dimensions may exhibit a tolerance +/- 2-5% variance, and is by no means considered a defect.

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