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"City Dragon" merges the fantastical with the urban. Against a backdrop of towering city buildings, a graceful pink dragon soars through the sky, guarding and watching over the bustling metropolis. This artwork celebrates the allure of mythical creatures and their magical prowess, inviting viewers to imagine the possibility of a world where the extraordinary intertwines with the ordinary. "City Dragon" transports us to a realm where the boundaries of reality are blurred, igniting our imagination and infusing our cityscape with a touch of whimsy and wonder.

City Dragon

SKU: AHWA20230071
  • Acrylic on Paper

    42cm x 29.7cm (A3) (w/o frame)


    Dimensions provided are approximate (≈) and the final product dimensions may exhibit a tolerance +/- 2-5% variance, and is by no means considered a defect.

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