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“Cathartic” was painted by Regine in June 2023 using the acrylic pouring technique. The vibrant colours of red with a tint of blue are used to illustrate an emotional breakdown. Like a dormant volcano, these emotions do not have a predictable time to erupt. As a result, it causes streams of panic and chaos to not only the individual themselves, but also to the people around them. Like a larva that destroys whatever is in their pathways, emotional breakdown destroys both the individual, as well as their loved ones' sanity.


SKU: AHWA20230050
  • Acrylic on Canvas

    30cm x 30cm (w/o frame)


    Dimensions provided are approximate (≈) and the final product dimensions may exhibit a tolerance +/- 2-5% variance, and is by no means considered a defect.

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