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Miss 墨 also known as Joanna (born in Singapore) is a full-time marketer, a hobbyist artist and a practitioner of Chinese calligraphy. Her love for art started since she was a child. In 2006, she decided to pursue her interest by taking up Western Fine Arts classes on weekends while pursuing her degree in Business Marketing at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT).

Her first co-exhibition, titled ‘Transition’ was held at Pan Pacific Hotel in 2007. It featured her ‘Lotus’ series, a compilation of vibrant oil paintings of one her favourite flowers. From then, she explored various painting styles, drawing inspirations from Western to Chinese Fine Arts.

Joanna picked up Chinese Calligraphy in 2014. During practice one day, she started doodling using Chinese ink. That, sparked her first foray into Chinese painting. She draws inspiration from artist: Feng Zikai (丰子恺).

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