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Chai Chloe | Home With Art


Based in Singapore, Chloe is an artist who holds a Bachelor's degree in Logistics and Supply Chain but never relinquished her passion for art, leading her to pursue Fine Arts at NAFA.
Chloe is intrigued by the insatiable curiosity, leading her to traverse a myriad of artistic methods, each stroke on the canvas is a deliberate step towards unveiling the intangible. Her creative voyage is a perpetual exploration of self - expression, akin to painting the pages of a personal diary.

Through the evocative languages of colours and abstract forms, she captures the transient essence of intangibles such as the fleetingness of memory, touch, and of melancholy, within the human social aspects. She seeks to capture these emotions through carefully crafted compositions and vivid colours, creating compelling artwork that resonates emotionally with viewers.

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