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Art Home With Arts 2023

Our inaugural exhibition, "At Home with Arts," mirrors our company's name, symbolizing a collective endeavor to cultivate a supportive environment for our local emerging artists. This extraordinary exhibition took place from August 8th to 13th, 2023, at the Visual Arts Centre.

We were truly privileged to host the exceptionally talented Chen Xi as our guest of honor. He graced us with his profound insights into the world of art and the journey of an artist.

The overwhelming response and attendance during the exhibition have left us brimming with gratitude. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Senior Parliamentary Secretary Mr. Eric Chua for his unwavering support, which added a special touch to the event.

This event was not just about showcasing art; it was also about nurturing mindfulness through the medium of art. Our "Slow Looking" sessions provided an opportunity for participants to forge a deep connection with themselves through the power of art.

For more information on participating artists, click here

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